Bali has some of the most exotic wedding venues that are overflowing with luxury and romanticism, both in the architecture and facilities. As locations are usually located on some of the iconic beaches of Bali, you are guaranteed to get amazing photos at your beach wedding. From elopements to larger scale events, Resource Events & Promotions has everything you need to make your destination wedding in Bali a success.

Bali is a great place to have a memorable destination wedding. The size and geography of Bali gives you the flexibility to choose the right place for you and your guests.
And then, we have our very experienced wedding planning team, which has the slick skills to arrange and run your wedding, putting elements of beauty and magic into it. With creative and logical mindset, we are throwing a beautifully stunning, perfectly organized celebration of love to you via your Wedding in Bali.

Destination Wedding in Bali

Destination wedding in Bali

Intimate villas that can accommodate 10 to 20 people make up a large portion of the lodging options in Bali. Those planning a small wedding could reserve a private villa and spend a long weekend with their nearest and dearest. Bali also has several beach resorts where you may host a big party and let your guests unwind and feel pampered. In either case, the wedding weekend will provide you and your guests with priceless memories.

The 5 best reasons to conduct your destination wedding in Bali are as follows:-

  1. Affordable Destination Wedding:- Bali is the cheapest destination to have your fling. If you always have dreams of getting married at a fancy location, then Bali is where you should fulfill that dream because here, you get the luxury for a fraction of the price.You would be amazed at the prices here, especially for couples coming from Western countries and also neighboring countries. You can plan the wedding according to your tastes and expectations, and that too at a great price. Whether your cost of living is higher or lower, you will find that here in Bali, the costs for holding "luxury" wedding festivities are cheaper.
  2. Beautiful Wedding pictures:- Wedding photos are lifelong, who would not want the best pictures of their wedding. Here in Bali, you can have your photos taken in all tropical backgrounds that you ever wanted. Every couple has advantages here on this tropical island for getting the best pictures for your wedding.Whether you prefer having your pictures taken with the vegetation, there are numerous gorgeous venues located amid Ubuds lush rice paddies and rainforests. But, if you consider yourself a more beach-loving type, there are world-class beaches for use as a background, or if you consider yourself a mountain-loving type, then there are plenty of venues higher up the hillside too. Whatever you need, even if it is zoo or a yacht, just ask and there is one that will make the perfect background for your wedding photos.
  3. Best Weather:- Bali is a destination that has some of the best weather in the world. It is located around 8 degrees south from the Equator. So, you can expect to experience tropical, hot, and humid weather throughout the year -- with two major distinct seasons: the dry season and rainy season.
  4. Tasty Cuisine:- Destination weddings in Bali give you and your guests the opportunity to feast on Balinese cuisine. Balinese food is one of the most celebrated cuisines of the world.A wide range of spices are used, combined with fresh vegetables, meats, and fish.Basa gede, also called basa rajang, is a paste made from spices and is the main component in many Balinese dishes. The cooking style is indicative of indigenous traditions here. Rice is the main grain, almost always consumed as the main staple, along with vegetables, meat, and seafood. Pork, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and seafood are also his specialties. Do not miss tasting traditional dishes like Pisang Goreng, Sate, Nesi Goreng, Nasi Campur, and Rijsttafel while you are in Bali.
  5. Wedding-Moon Destination:- It is the place that is sought after by recently married couples and honeymooners. You may consider Bali as well for your honeymoon.Of course, leaving to go on your honeymoon in a different place right after the wedding would be pretty stressful. Because already, you are going to be exhausted from the wedding, and only traveling for another international destination the following day is not such a good idea.