With all-year-round sunshine, gorgeous city backdrops, and venues that know exactly how to turn your dream fairytale wedding into reality, it is no wonder that destination wedding in Dubai is one of the top preferences for couples for weddings. Destination weddings are becoming more popular, and a destination wedding in Dubai checks all of the boxes when it comes to perfect weather, breathtaking backdrops, and extravagant venues that'll let you and your guests party the night away. In the United Arab Emirates, The Westin Dubai is a popular choice for destination weddings.

Dubai is a fascinating choice for wedding destinations, as well as to host an exuberant, stylish wedding occasion. This city is feasible and affordable to host your wedding in with destination wedding planners of Resources Event & Promotion. All our expert wedding designers have an intimate knowledge of destination weddings and what is required and make the most of the opportunities that come their way to showcase their expertise.

You have got a wide array of alternatives, including hotels downtown with views of the world's tallest buildings, beach wedding destinations in Duba Palm Islands, desert wedding locations, and several other unique wedding destinations throughout Dubai. The city is home to a number of luxurious hotels, resorts, and wedding locations. Dubai boasts hundreds of luxurious, beachfront hotel locations, which definitely know how to make your wedding day memorable for you and your guests. 

Destination Wedding in Dubai

destination wedding in dubai

One of the best locations for an destination wedding in Dubai, the Fairmont The Palm offers an incredible background, with a stunning backdrop of Dubai's majestic skyline providing the perfect backdrop for a beautiful urban landscape, the vibrant skies, and reflections from Dubai Marina being some of the more notable features of the location. A luxury beachfront hotel situated in the gorgeous surroundings of stunning Pearl Jumeirah, W Dubai-The Palm is one of the best Dubai wedding destinations. Atlantis--located on Dubai Palm Island--is surrounded by azure waters and decked with luxurious amenities, offering one of the most spectacular and romantic Dubai wedding locations.

These are the top 5 reasons to host a Destination Wedding in Dubai:-

  1. Sunshine Throughout the Year:- Many couples prefer to get married somewhere other than their home venue because they want a burst of sunshine on their special day.
    Well, that is promised to happen in Dubai! Dubai's desert weather means that year-round hot weather is guaranteed. Even with its two distinct summer and winter seasons, temperatures tend to stay in the mid-teens. Just decide how warm you want it, and you can decide which month you will be having your wedding. So, a destination wedding in Dubai is ideal for couples who like the sun.
  2. Astonishing Surroundings:- One of UNESCOs creative cities of design, Dubai is a vibrant megacity encompassing cultures from every corner of the globe. This diversity is reflected in its culinary landscape, fashion, music, and performances.In addition to an exciting cultural environment, the physical surroundings are just as exciting. With its unmatched coastline, gorgeous deserts, and stunning urban landscapes, Dubai offers a memorable backdrop for your destination wedding.
  3. Global Hub:- As Dubai has grown into one of the worlds most popular air travel destinations, many couples are choosing the venue if they are having guests come from all over the world for their wedding. Dubai is comfortably located between Europe, Africa, and Asia. In fact, two-thirds of the world is within an eight-hour drive of Dubai. So, regardless of your guests location, Dubai is easy to access from all over the world, making destination wedding in Dubai ideal for those who have an international guest list.
  4. Delux Hotels:- Dubai is just filled with some really fancy, awe-inspiring hotels. Two of our favorites are The Address Downtown and The Armani Hotel. Taking pride of place in Dubais upscale downtown neighborhood, you will find there is nowhere else quite like Address Downtown. Whether you are planning a lavish celebration or a small gathering, a romantic outdoors setting or a trendsetting indoors, the breathtaking views from this gorgeous space overlooking the Burj Khalifa.
  5. Wedding+Honney moon:- Why not extend the festivities to the gorgeous city. Dubai is not only an amazing destination for a wedding, it is also an impressive place to have a honeymoon. So, you get to have your bridal moon, wedding, and honeymoon, all in one! You get to stay at the same hotel, without having to worry about traveling elsewhere.

    Dubai also offers an array of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, making it truly an unforgettable honeymoon. From skydiving and desert safaris to yacht cruises and serene spas, there is really something for everyone to enjoy during your honeymoon to Dubai.